Air Duct Covers

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The Best Air Duct Registers

Air duct vent covers are easy to install and give you maximum control over the airflow coming through your HVAC system. Some covers have louvers that will direct the air in 2 or 3 directions at once. Some models pop up for even further control over airflow direction.

You can also close off the air duct cover in an underused room that you don’t want to heat or cool — thereby saving money on your energy bills.

Bestseller No. 1
24"W x 24"H [Duct Opening Measurements] Filter Included Steel Return Air Filter Grille [Removable Door] for 1" Filters, Vent Cover Grill, White, Outer Dimensions: 26 5/8"W X 26 5/8"H for 24x24 Opening
  • Always measure the wall opening to determine which size you should order. Wall Opening Size = Listed Size. If the hole on the wall is 24"(W)x24"(H) please order 24"x24"
  • Handua Return Air Filter Grille used for sidewall or ceiling openings. Our Return Air Filter Grilles do not require screwdriver to open, you can easily open the latch with a finger move.
  • The door/face is removable for easy filter change and cleaning, this Grill uses a 1" thick filter (MERV 8 filter included).
  • Using our Return Air Filter Grille within your ventilation system will improve your home circulation. The steel is stamped so there is no sharp edges.
  • Durable white powder coated, Heavy Duty Steel, removable face allows easy access to replace air filter.
Bestseller No. 2
12 x 6 inch Vent Duct Cover Air Supply HVAC Sidewall or Ceiling Grille Register with Multi-Shutter Parallel Blade Damper - Color White - High Airflow. Aluminum. Duct Hole Must Measure 12" x 6"
  • [Measurements]: Always measure the wall or ceiling opening to confirm which size you should order. With this product the hole measure should be at least 11,38"W x 5,38"H to fit. Do not measure your old grille. Always measure the Width(W) first follow by the Height(H). SIDEWALL OR CEILING OPENING SIZE 11,38"W x 5,38"H (At least) = LISTED SIZE 12W x 6H. Each grille has a front end frame which will overlap at sidewall or ceiling joining. The total outer size of this grille is 13,6W x 7,6H
  • Manufactured with extruded aluminum. Flat frame and adjustable blades. Available with multi-shutter damper.
  • Its architectural design allows for elegant industrial, commercial, institutional or residential spaces.
  • Our experience and brand recognition have allowed LAMINAIRE its international expansion, achieving a presence in more than 20 countries with the purpose of keeping growing.
  • Its lightweight architectural design makes it an adequate option for passive or forced ventilation. It can be used for air injection or extraction in any type of enclosure.
Bestseller No. 3
EZ-FLO 61610, White Two-Way Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 10 inch (W) x 6 inch (H) Duct Opening, 10" x 6"
  • SIDE WALL AND CEILING VENT: Air vent deflector features a grille opening which measures 10 inch x 6 inch, and can be used for sidewall or ceiling mount. The outer dimension is measures 11-3/4 x 7-3/4 inches
  • COMPATIBILITY: Vent covers are designed for use in both sidewall and ceiling locations
  • DURABLE: Ceiling and sidewall vent features an all steel construction with a beautiful powder-coated matte white finish to add a contemporary touch to your home decor
  • FUNCTIONALITY: This register vent cover is designed with a two-way air deflection system and an adjustable multi-shutter damper to allow a better flow of air
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Vent cover registers are easy to install, and includes 2 screws for installation
Bestseller No. 4
12"w X 4"h 3-Way AIR Supply Grille - Vent Cover & Diffuser - Flat Stamped Face - White [Outer Dimensions: 13.75"w X 5.75"h]
  • 12"w X 4"h Is The Size For The Duct Opening Measurement Only Actual Front End Frame Outer Dimensions Are 13.75"w X 5.75"h - SEE BELOW IN DESCRIPTION HOW TO MEASURE A GRILLE
  • LOUVERED Supply Grille for Sidewall or Ceiling Application with SmoothGlide Technology, Easy Opening and Closing Back Dampers For Better Airflow Control, Quiet Lever
  • QUALITY PACKAGING - Carefully Shrink Wrapped With Cardboard Backing To Prevent Damage In Shipment - Hand Inspected for Quality
  • Easy Unrestricted Air Flow Deflection For Your HVAC System - 1/2 Inch Spaced Fins
Bestseller No. 5
Hartford Ventilation 4" x 10" Floor Vent Covers Brown 6 Pack - Heavy Duty Walkable Floor Registers - Premium Finish - Easy Adjust Air Vent Deflector - Vent Covers for Home - Reinforced Bend-proof Weld
  • Pack of 6 Heavy duty 4” x 10” Vent Covers for home
  • Decorative classic louvered design
  • 4” by 10” floor vent register size (measure duct opening)
  • Reinforced welding to prevent bending of edges
  • Lifetime warranty - Made to last and we guarantee it
Bestseller No. 6
Engera Adjustable Double Deflection HVAC Air Register-Supply Air Diffuser Air Vent Register-Heating/AC Vent Cover-Wall Register 14x6"Duct [16x8"Face]
  • 💪 TOP QUALITY HEAT /AC REGISTER Thick Steel Grill, One Smooth Face surface -No Seams At Corners
  • ☔ BEST PACKING: Grills are Packed in Box each (NO Wrapping only) Quality Checked for Safe Delivery
  • : ) EASY INSTALLATION: Air Vents Come With White Screws - LIFETIME WARRANTY, Ask For Refund Anytime
  • MAX AIRFLOW CONTROL: A C Vents Come With Lever For Better Air Balancing And Control of Direction
  • ANY USE: Sidewall Vent - Ceiling Register Cover - Wall Vent Register - A C Vent -Quiet Return Grille
Bestseller No. 7
Rocky Mountain Goods 4" x 10" Floor Vents 2 Pack - Heavy Duty Walkable Floor Register - Premium Finish - Easy Adjust air Supply Lever (Brown)
  • Heavy duty floor vent cover to allow walk on use
  • Decorative classic louvered design
  • 4” by 10” floor vent register size (measure duct opening)
  • Adjustable air supply lever
  • Lifetime warranty - Made to last and we guarantee it
Bestseller No. 8
HBW 10"x 6" (Duct Opening Size) 3-Way Stamped Face Steel Ceiling/sidewall Air Supply Register - Vent Cover - Actual Outside Dimension 11.75" X 7.75"
  • The Listed size 10"x 6" is for inside duct opening measurement, actual outside dimension is 11.75" X 7.75"
  • Stamped Face Steel Construction with 1/2" fin spacing for high air flow
  • Three Way Air Flow deflection Design
  • Multi-shutter damper with easy handle to adjust desired amount of air flow
  • Individually shrink wrapped with card board pad in the back for extra protection
Bestseller No. 9
Hartford Ventilation Pop Up Floor Vent Register - 4” x 10”(Duct Opening) - Air Vent Deflector for Home Heat/AC - Extender for Under Furniture, Couch, Cabinetry - Floor or Ceiling Use (2, White)
  • POP UP AIR DIVERTER - Easily pop up deflector to direct air from under furniture, away from wall and create better air flow for both heat and AC
  • CONVENTIONAL COVER and DEFLECTOR - Can be used as a normal floor register or pop up to divert air
  • CEILING and FLOOR - Knockout holes at each end for ceiling installation
  • High Impact Construction - Made of high impact polystyrene for walk on design
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - We guarantee all Hartford Ventilation vents and registers for life
Bestseller No. 10
Rocky Mountain Goods Floor Register 4X12(Duct Opening Measurements) - Heavy Duty Walkable Register - Premium Finish - Easy Adjust air Supply Lever - 4 inch by 12 Inch Floor Vent (White)
  • Heavy duty metal design allows walking on floor vent
  • Premium chip or scratch resistant finish for lifetime use
  • 4 x 12 (Duct Opening Measurements) metal floor register for inconspicuous design
  • Easy adjust air supply lever
  • Lifetime warranty - We guarantee all vents and registers
magnetic vent covers on amazon

HOT PRODUCT: Magnetic Covers

  • Double Thickness
  • Save Money On Energy
  • Fits Your Vents Perfectly
  • Cut To Any Shape Or Size


Air duct covers come in many colors and styles. From white to brown or tan and even antique brass finishes. In addition, many models can be painted to match with a variety of color schemes and looks in your home.

For homeowners with a historic or Victorian-style home, consider air duct vents with a fancy scrollwork design to go along with the home’s vintage-style decor.


Basic air duct vent covers are quite affordable. For a simple yet heavy-duty style, buy a pack of 6 for less than $40.


Air duct covers are heavy-duty and made to withstand foot traffic. Many are made from steel. Some have plastic components to avoid rust problems, such as in the damper boxes. However, they use a sturdy, impact-resistant plastic that can take the heat.

Easy Installation

Installing new air duct covers is a cinch. Simply remove the old cover and drop the new one in. Position the louvers in the desired direction of airflow and it’s all set!

Keep in mind that when choosing a new air duct cover, sizes are based on the air duct opening — not the actual dimensions of the product itself. For accuracy, always measure the air duct opening rather than the old cover.

Ready to check out some awesome air duct cover designs? Feel free to browse our selection below.

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