Ceiling Vent Covers

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Ceiling Vent Covers

It’s rare that people use every room in their house all the time. Whether it be a guest bedroom or home workout room, it isn’t always necessary to heat and cool underused rooms as much as the rest of the house.

Closing off the heat registers and air vents can help, but they don’t create an airtight seal. This means there will still be a bit of heat or cool air loss around the vent opening. A smart HVAC system can also allow homeowners to have more control over which rooms are heated or cooled and when.

However, a smart system is also an expensive system and is not in everyone’s budget.

Many homeowners are looking for a simpler, more inexpensive solution. They’ll find it in these incredible little magnetic ceiling air vent covers.

Check out the amazing benefits of this ingenious product!

Save on Energy Bills

First and foremost, homeowners will enjoy savings on their energy bills. These magnetic covers offer a strong, airtight seal to ensure that no air escapes around the edges.

Many homeowners are amazed at the difference that closing off the vents in their underused rooms can make on their energy bills. Plus, it’s a great way to go green and help the environment by cutting down on unnecessary energy usage.

Stays in Place

There are plenty of products out there that homeowners can use to cover their ceiling vents. Some of them may work okay for vents on the wall or floor, but few stay solidly in place when installed over a ceiling air vent.

Flimsy, paper-thin covers just won’t cut it when a strong, secure cover for a ceiling vent is needed. At first, they might seem like they're working, but once the air kicks on, the vent cover quickly falls to the floor.

These magnetic vent covers don’t have that problem. They create a strong magnetic bond with the ceiling vent that stays secure. Even when the air comes on full force — whether hot or cold — these magnetic covers are sure to stay in place.

Universal Fit

These magnetic ceiling register covers come in a universal 5.5 x 12-inch size, which will work well for most standard HVAC, AC and air registers and furnace or fireplace vents in homes and RVs. The ingenious use of magnets makes it easy to create a strong seal around the vent.

Thin, Minimalist Design

Designed to be unobtrusive, these .5mm ceiling register covers are minimalistic and don’t add a ton of bulk to the ceiling air vents. Around the edge, a 2mm thick frame helps to ensure that the cover stays firmly in place.

The material is flexible, making the cover easy to attach to any ceiling air vent. As white is a common ceiling color, white covers are popular. However, the covers come in both white and brown so that homeowners can more easily match the covers with their decor.

Intrigued by these little money-savers? Check them out here!

5.5” x 12 “ Magnetic Vent Covers for Ceiling, Wall & Floor (3-Pack & 1-Pack) Lightweight Magnet for Gripping Ceiling Air Registers - for RV, Home HVAC, AC and Furnace Vents
  • Stronger magnetized material grips your floor vents with twice the strength. Double weight keeps the cover securely in place.
  • Save Money On Heating! Flexible material contours itself around your vents to seal off airflow completely.
  • A Perfect Fit! 5.5” x 12” is designed to match most standard air registers and fireplace vents.
  • Looks Great In Your Home! Pure white (not off-white) veneer looks great in your kitchen, bathroom, or living room.
  • Easily Cut To Any Size! These covers can be adjusted to fit your specific vents.