Air Vent Deflector

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Adjustable Air Vent Deflectors

  • Strong & Durable

    Lightweight yet strong plastic ensures these air deflectors will last

  • Affordable Solution

    Quickly deflect heat or cold air to exactly where you need it. (Pack of 2)

  • Adjustable Fit

    Easily change the size to fit your air registers perfectly
    (from 10" to 14")

Latest price check Thursday, February 2nd 2023

Only $26.95

Frequently Asked Questions

Air deflectors work by attaching to your existing vents, creating a seal and only letting air flow through the open side. This way you can position them so air or heat will only go in 1 direction either to target an area in your home better or remove direct air to increase comfort while still benefitting from your AC or heat registers temperatures

Yes! These air vent deflectors are backed by a 5-year money-back guarantee - The manufacturer has you covered. Literally!

These deflectors use high-quality materials including strong yet lightweight plastic. They also attach with strong magnets making them suitable for floor wall or ceiling use.

This pack includes 2 adjustable air deflectors that attach with powerful magnets to your vents. As they are adjustable you can easily change their size from 10" to 14" so they will fit any vents in your home.

These air deflectors can simply be adjusted to the size you need. Just slide the 2 parts further apart and you can cover vents from 10" to 14"

Yes! The air deflectors are attached with strong magnets so they will hold tight to ceiling vents. The lightweight plastic ensures the magnets are not working too hard to keep a tight fit.

Yes! The air deflectors are attached with strong magnets so they will hold tight to wall vents.

If you wanted to you could paint or cover these air deflectors with any color you wish. However, they are currently only available in transparent meaning you can still see your chosen vent covers underneath.

These air deflectors are designed with strong magnets so they can hold tight on even ceiling vents!

No - If you want to totally seal off your vents then we recommend magnetic vent covers a quick and easy option when you need to close the airflow in a stylish way


Adjustable Air Deflectors

Latest price check Thursday, February 2nd 2023

Only $26.95

Something For All RV And Homeowners

As soon as you get your hands on these magnetic air vent deflectors you will wonder why you never tried something like this before!

Gain all the benefits of controlling the direction of your air vent airflow without sacrificing anything else.

Instead of having to replace your existing vent covers with an expensive solution, you can just attach this simple extension.

Cost-Effective Air Distribution Solutions

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using air deflectors:

  • Suitable for home, office or personal space
  • A simple classic design will look good anywhere!
  • Strong magnets keep the air deflector firmly attached to the floor, wall, or ceilings
  • Easily re-direct the airflow from all of your vents

If You Have Air Vents - This Is A No-Brainer!

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