Magnetic Vent Covers

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magnetic vent covers on amazon

Strong Magnetic
Vent Covers

  • Double Thickness

    The extra weight grips these covers firmly in place

  • Save Money On Energy

    Seal off airflow completely

  • Fits Your Vents Perfectly

    Designed to fit most standard air registers or fireplace vents

  • Cut To Any Shape Or Size

    Easily adjust to fit your specific vents

Latest price check Thursday, February 2nd 2023

Only $24.99

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! If you want to block off a vent in a stylish and easy way then strong magnetic vent covers are an easy and affordable choice.  You just have to make sure you have a tight seal that way no air will enter or escape.

You may have searched for options online - and let's be honest there are hundreds of magnetic vent covers available. Do not be fooled by cheaper products! If you have a look at the reviews you will understand why. Less superior products use weaker magnets and thinner material that will not create a tight seal. Why not get the job done right the first time?

This pack includes 3 magnetic vent covers each measuring 5.5" x 12" each using extra-strong magnets with a reinforced border for a tight fit.

Magnetic vent covers come in a variety of sizes including

  • 5.5" x 12"
  • 8.5" x 12"
  • 12" x 12"

The benefit with these is that you can cut and shape them to any size to ensure they always fit your specific vents perfectly!

No problem! With a 3 pack, you can combine magnetic covers side by side to match the size of much larger vents. There are also other sizes to pick from including 8.5" x 12" and a large size of 12" x 12"

For ceilings you will want to have a lighter material so that the magnets do not need to work as hard to keep their hold.  We recommend you look at these ceiling vent covers.

With a lot of applications, you want to pick a color and finish that will suit your home. That's why we have many to choose from:

  • Pure White
  • Off White
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Wooden effect
  • Black
  • Beige

These covers were designed with extra strong magnets including a reinforced border for added support.

magnetic vent covers on amazon

Strong Magnetic Vent Covers

Latest price check Thursday, February 2nd 2023

Only $24.99

A Must-Have for Homeowners and RV Owners

Once a homeowner or RV owner purchases their first strong magnetic vent cover, they’ll wonder exactly why they never invested in such an appliance before.

In many cases, home improvement solutions offer people one benefit at the cost of another. Such a decision rarely comes without some form of sacrifice.

For instance, with many home heating solutions, there’s the caveat of choosing between a lower energy bill and optimal indoor temperatures. It’s not often that home and RV owners could have the luxury of a comfortable home and an energy bill that doesn’t fill them with dread.

However, now, with magnetic vent covers, homeowners can get the best of both worlds. They can achieve practical energy spending, combined with the comfort they desire.

Providing Cost-Effective Heating Solutions

Let’s look at some of the finer details involved in keeping energy costs down with strong magnetic vent covers:

• First and foremost, magnetic vent covers don’t heat or cool unused areas in a home
• Also, they prevent airflow, therefore, redirecting hot or cool air to other rooms
• These vents utilize flexible magnetic material to form tight seals around sidewall vents or floor vents which, in turn, seals off 100% of airflow

Practical, Convenient, and Aesthetically Pleasing

One of the main benefits of our strong magnetic vent covers is that the materials grip to floor vents with twice the strength of other solutions. There’s a handy double-weight feature ensuring that these vent covers are kept securely in place.

Though there’s much more these appliances offer homeowners, including the following benefits:

• The 5.5” x 12” dimension is cleverly designed to fit the majority of standard air registers and fireplace vents
• These vents are twice the normal thickness of most covers (at 2mm)
• Despite this double thickness, magnetic vent covers can be easily cut to fit any given homeowner’s unique vent specifications
• Furthermore, homeowners don’t have to make any home décor related sacrifices—these magnetic vents were crafted with aesthetics in mind
• The pure white veneer is a welcome addition to any kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

Don’t Miss Out on Optimal Comfort and Maximum Savings

Magnetic vent covers are a very minor expenditure that could save homeowners and RV owners a fortune on their energy bill. They’re free of hassle and look great in any home setting, so why not make this very low-risk/high-reward investment today?

(Please note that magnetic vent covers only work on metal vents—not on aluminum, painted surfaces, or plastic).