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Magnetic Vent Covers

  • Save Money On Your Energy
  • Easily Cut-to-Size
  • Extra Strong Magnets For A Firm Grip
  • Variety Of Colors To Match Your Home

Why Buy Vent Covers?

No matter what type of vents you currently have in your home. We have all the possible options you could need to replace them.

Replacing vent covers is a quick and easy way to change the style of your room decor, to add a splash of color or maybe disguise your vents so they are concealed from view.

Some more popular choices include brushed stainless steel or a copper or brass finish for a vintage look

Why Buy Vent Covers Online

Vent covers are an essential part of any HVAC system. They prevent debris from falling into the ducts, potentially clogging the system and causing it to work harder. This will cost the homeowner in extra energy costs as well as more frequent HVAC system maintenance.

Buying the vent covers online makes shopping for them a breeze. A much wider range of colors and styles is available as opposed to what may be available at a physical retail location. It also cuts out the hassle of going to the store and hauling them home.

What Types of Vent Covers Are There?

The types of vent covers available run the gamut from simple steel covers to elegant plated covers with a fancy design to warm wooden ones. Styles include everything from simple slats to elegant scrollwork in cast iron or brushed nickel.

Some models are paintable, giving homeowners the flexibility to perfectly match the color of their vent covers with their color scheme.

Some of the more elegant designs are perfect for adding that little something extra in a Victorian or other historical-style home. A vintage look is in these days and a unique design on the vent covers can add just the right touch.

How Easy is it to Replace Vent Covers?

Replacing vent covers is too easy. The most advanced tool necessary to complete the task is a screwdriver. Chances are, most homeowners are going to have one of those lying around.

The easiest vent covers to install are the floor ones. Many of them don’t come with screws or anything. Installation is merely a matter of dropping the cover into the vent opening.

For wall and ceiling vents, this won’t do. However, the vent covers come with pre-drilled holes and screws for a quick and painless installation.

The most difficult part about replacing vent covers is choosing the right size. Be aware that measuring the old vent cover is not a good technique. Vent cover sizes are listed according to the size of the duct they fit, not the actual size of the product.

Useful Accessories for Vent Covers

An excellent way to save money on the energy bill is not to heat or cool rarely used rooms in the house. Many homeowners are surprised by how much they can save on their energy bills simply by not heating or cooling the entire home.

Blocking the vents off is the quickest and easiest way to make this happen. And magnetic vent covers make this a snap to do. The magnetic covers hold so strongly that they can even be used on ceiling vents with great success!

Another useful accessory allows homeowners to control the direction of the airflow coming out of the vent. Built from strong plastic to ensure durability, homeowners can use air vent deflectors to easily direct airflow to the most necessary parts of the home.

We have an extensive collection of everything homeowners need in vent covers and accessories. Start browsing today!